Maine Employee Benefits Council

In addition to being associated with Maine's premiere group of employee benefit professionals, your MEBC Membership also entitles you to many other benefits. Membership benefits may change from time to time, as announced by the MEBC Board of Directors.


Upcoming events

Program Announcements are sent to members via email. If you are a current member but are not receiving program announcement emails, please check first with your IT department. If after IT review you determine you are not receiving the announcements, please contact the MEBC membership director (reference the MEBC board of directors page).


Quarterly breakfast meetings

The MEBC Program Committee hosts breakfast meetings at least four times per year. The meetings feature local and national guest speakers on a variety of employee benefits topics including health insurance and healthcare delivery systems, benefit plan reporting and disclosure issues, benefits outsourcing, ESOPs, and investment outlook. The meetings are an excellent forum for sharing ideas and networking with other employee benefits professionals.